Good Deed for the Day

Reminder, tomorrow is April Fools day…no really, it is. I just wanted to give fair warning for everyone to be on guard and not to be made a fool. If you bought a lottery ticket, do not, I repeat, do not quit your job before verifying with the official state lottery board! If you read that Britney Spears has joined the Army, well that may be true but you get what I mean.

But I am also giving you 24 hours to come up with something clever to do on your friends. Have fun!


Happy Birthday to me

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’ve reached an age where I finally don’t really care about the day anymore. In my youth March 29th was all about ME, the day revolved around ME (well, at least in my mind it did). Now I wake up and it’s only the day after the 28th and before the 30th….I guess I’m finally mature. But on the other hand I still think we should all take a moment, reflect and silently sing to yourself “Happy Birthday” to me.

Way to go Microsoft!

It appears as though some XBox Live on line gamers are cheating on their scores…shame on you! Microsoft is going on their profiles and labeling them “dirty cheaters” and resettting their scores to ZERO! Players are using “external tools” to inflate their scores  with games they didn’t even play. Cmon gamers, don’t give yourselves a bad reputation and live by the rules. I am in no way a video gamer but I applaud Microsoft for making it so that everyone has a fair experience in playing. The closest I have gotten to cheating in the video world is making my Wii person look alot younger then I really am.

La Petite

For all you petite people out there, you know  when shopping for clothes you are limited because stores only order a very minute amount of smaller sizes. Since they run out so fast there have been many occasions that I take the clothes off the mannequin (they always wear the smaller sizes). So if you just have to have that shirt, check out the dummy, there is a good chance it’s just your size! (Bigger sized people are rolling their eyes now…no compassion I’m sure)

Dinner Dilemma

One question I didn’t want to hear when my kids were young was “What’s for dinner tonight”, this is a question many parents dread. I fixed that with this solution. Pick any day (I tried to be consistent and chose every Sunday) and make a menu for the upcoming week. Ask other family members for suggestions so everyone is happy. After making your menu you can then see what you need for your grocery list, next…and this is the most important part…you POST the menu! Kids can now look to see what is in store for them and to know if they have to call a friend and horn in on their better dinner. It really does make life easier (and you can switch a night or two around if you don’t happen to feel like meatloaf one night).


This past weekend I saw Now and Then for the hundredth time (the female version of Stand by Me). I love movies about being 12 with your friends. Why is that as an adult I cannot seem to find friends like that anymore? Like the last line of Stand by Me  says, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve”? I still consider myself young at heart, I love to giggle, play games, sit around and talk and still act goofy but it doesn’t help. Maybe I’m having a hard time because I refuse to text and I’m not a big fan of IM.

Happy Easter

This Sunday is Easter which happens to be my favorite holiday. It is basically stress-free, no presents to buy (just some chocolate) and no big meal to plan (reservations for Brunch). My only stress is wondering if my eggs will crack when I boil them.

I view it as a day of optimism & hope, seeing the world as half good, not half bad. It’s a day I remember that miracles can happen (we may actually see a woman or African American man president).

Happy Easter (and don’t forget to count how many eggs you hide, make sure it equals how many you find)!