Ellen…need I say more.

I challenge anyone to watch Ellen and not crack a smile; it has to be the most “feel good” show out there. Ellen is as genuine as it gets, she is sincere, creative, adorable, funny, and has a heart of gold. I think I cry at least 3 times a week because she is always doing something nice for someone. When it comes down to Ellen vs. Oprah, Ellen wins hands down!Sorry but Oprah’s show is all about Oprah and it got real old for me years ago. I don’t DVR much but if Ellen isn’t scheduled on yours she is definitely worth the recording space!


One Response

  1. Oprah’s Big Give is a great example of Oprah’s BS. Apparently some people are better than others at giving out money and the ones that are not good at it get “booted off.” That doesn’t even make sense!

    From what I have seen of Ellen she definitely is more sincere in her convictions than Oprah, and much more enjoyable to watch.

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