Parenting 101

When disciplining children there are 2 big factors that come into play, one is that when they misbehave there has to be a consequence or they will continue. Your all saying “that’s common sense”, yes it is but parents are infamous for letting bad behavior go unattended to. Second is to follow through with that consequence when you finally do decide to reprimand.
If you put these 2 plans into action you will see a major improvement. Kids are not stupid; they know idol threats when they hear them like they know October 31st they will get a lot of candy.
Smarten up now parents or you wll be dealing with Eddie Haskells in the teen years.


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  1. Also make sure there are consequences to good behavior! Giving them something as a reward may be too much because that is just spoiling (unless it is done VERY sparingly) but a simple “good boy/girl” is a powerful way to reinforce good behavior.

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