Sometimes color does matter

A friend of mine was telling me that his 4 year old daughter will eat tomato soup because he calls it “red soup”, now that is what I call creative parenting! The most creative I got with food was maybe telling my kids they would be as strong as Popeye if they would eat their spinach, for some reason that really didn’t work. I guess I put my creative energy towards other things like if there was something I wanted upstairs I would say “let’s see how fast you can go upstairs and get my slippers, I will time you”…my kids would eat that up. It was a great game and I got my slippers without getting off the couch!

But then they grow up and get smarter and smarter and smarter and I have to get my own slippers.

One Response

  1. I can’t believe I would fall for that over and over again!

    Question… if he called black bean soup just “black soup” and his daughter didn’t like it because it was black, would she be racist? Haha 🙂

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