Food for thought

With the cost of food rising I recommend you take that extra minute to compare prices before just grabbing what has a sale sign in front of it and throwing it into your cart. That one cereal on sale for $3.19 may be more expensive ounce for ounce then the other cereal not on sale for $3.59, remember that packaging is getting smaller. You can actually look at the sale sign (in small print) to see what you are paying per ounce which is a big help. I know there are just a few items that I just have to have that particular brand (like Heinz ketchup) but mix it up and try something new (and cheaper)! I wonder if that’s why the supermarkets keep the temperature so freaking cold, they don’t want us to take the time to comparison shop. And the biggest factor in saving money at the supermarket…leave the kids at home!

3 Responses

  1. The biggest factors in saving money at the supermarket … make a list and don’t shop hungry.

  2. I save A LOT of time and money shopping online! Shop rite does it and it is wonderful! I can start my list anytime and keep adding to it. Then I pick a time for it to be picked up or delivered and they do the shopping for me. Grant it the fee is $10, but I have saved so much money from not “impulse” shopping, no kids and sticking to my list. PLUS the time saved is worth the $10.
    The delivery is an extra $5 (which I would spend in gas) and they walk it into my kitchen! It’s my one and only time I get to feel like a princess! I highly suggest it. Use the time saved on a mani/pedi!

  3. That’s a great tip and I like your way of thinking…I would much rather mani/pedi it then food shop. OR, you could use that time to hunt down those perfect pair of jeans!

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