A male friend of mine hesitantly told me he got his first manicure/pedicure (someone took him without telling him where they were going). He is now hooked! Having nice looking hands and feet is not just a female privilege. Men shower, groom their hair, shave, so why the reluctance for the mani/pedi? Trust me, there is nothing worse then gross feet and it feels great!  I do see more and more men going and I admire those men, it shows me they are secure with who they are.

My boyfriend loves his pedicures and this is a guy that has a deer head mounted on the wall (which, by the way, I will take down when I move in).


2 Responses

  1. Dear Dalia,
    Because of this blog – my fiance finally decided to get a pedicure with me. So i thank you for that! And as far as the dear head ~ i think its going in the garage!

  2. Jessica,

    If I convinced ONE person then I am thrilled, that’s one more person in the world with nice feet. Let me suggest he gets one right before the wedding, he may get crazy at the reception and take off his shoes!
    Check your local Craigslist soon, you may be able to have that deer head!
    Congrats on your engagement.

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