My First Request

Last week my friend and I went out for drinks and she had a request for the DD. She had gone to the ladies room and the woman in the next stall was talking on her cell phone. The funny thing is that I was in the bathroom 20 minutes prior and had the same experience (it’s only a 2 stall facility). Not that this effects what we are doing, it’s just annoying. Unless it is an emergency phone call and you are helping assist someone with open heart surgery, just wait! I could go on and on with rude cell phone usage but this one really annoys my friend so everyone…please stop!



One Response

  1. Dalia,

    Thanks so much for writing about this topic! It seems like bathroom stall phone conversations are happening more and more every day.

    Perhaps, it’s time to add a verse two to the bathroom etiquette nursery rhyme.

    If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.
    If it’s ringing when you’re springing, please leave the stall to take your call.

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