One out of Ten

 I read a list in the paper yesterday and according to Forbes, the top ten earning dead celebs for 2007 are-

  • 1. Elvis Presley, $49 million
  • 2. John Lennon, $44 million
  • 3. Charles M. Schulz, $35 million
  • 4. George Harrison, $22 million
  • 5. Albert Einstein, $18 million
  • 6. Andy Warhol, $15 million
  • 7. Dr. Suess, $13 million
  • 8. Tupac Shakur, $9 million
  • 9. Marilyn Monroe, $7 million
  • 10. Steve McQueen, $6 million

First of all, who the heck is Tupac Shakur and my biggest surprise, only ONE woman? We even have a hard time competing in the afterlife. How could Steve McQueen beat out Greta Garbo, she’s even in a Madonna song.



2 Responses

  1. Too bad Greta didn’t sing the song

  2. where is Jimi Hendrix??? or Babe Ruth

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