Lesson of Life

If you teach your kids one lesson in life I strongly think it is to be their own person. I believe I started drilling this in their heads when the junior high years started, I didn’t want them to fall into peer pressure. I enforced how cool it is to be different and though it may be really hard now for a FEW years later on their WHOLE life would be better. I explained to them how people that try to force or tease other people in some way are usually weak. For some reason it stuck because they are truly individualists. I admire that in anyone, someone who is not afraid to stand out from a crowd. So be a broken record and repeat, repeat and repeat again…be your own person!

P.S…this rule also applies to adults, you’re never to old to learn.



2 Responses

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  2. Great point! Do not be a follower of followers.

    Take an extra moment to use your brain and think for yourself. Don’t assume what others say, write or do is correct. Use the resources of the internet to gather information, listen to the opinions of friends, but then let your mind mull over that information providing you the opportunity to create new ideas and develop your own conclusions.

    As a kid, you strive to belong and be a part of a group. As you grow older, you learn it is important to find ways to be unique and find your special purpose in life. Some people never grow up and learn they need to think for themselves. The sooner you think for yourself, the sooner you will find your purpose in life that provides great value for others.

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