Calling all Gamers

I found out my son was one of those people who pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto IV and picked it up at MIDNIGHT! I’m not a gamer but I can relate to the excitement…I love games but the old fashion ones like Clue, Yahtzee but I’m hip with WII!

They say the makers of this game exceed with the realism (so I’m assuming as the cars race you see gas stations in the background with signs at $4.79 a gallon).

  Of course there is a lot of controversy about the sex and violence so if you need to know more before purchasing check out my sons take on this game in the comments section (he is 22). It will enlighten you!

P.S – Sorry RT, GTA IV’s opening week sales will definitely beat Hard Candy


5 Responses

  1. > Is the game all it’s cracked up to be?
    > As of writing this 34 different publications
    have reviewed GTA IV, the
    > average rating being a 9.9 / 10 (Source:
    > personally have only had a couple of hours put
    into it but so far I
    > have to completely agree with the press. This
    game has a unique beauty
    > to it that some may not see and others cannot
    see. The city is modeled
    > after New York City and a bit of Jersey and the
    level of detail in the
    > creation of this huge city is absolutely
    amazing. Rockstar’s
    > brilliance is not seen just in the game’s city
    but it is also
    > reflected in the interactions with the
    non-playable characters, the
    > games voice acting, the art direction, music &
    radio, etc etc. No
    > detail was overlooked in the creation of this
    seemingly perfect game.
    > What about the sex and brutal violence?
    slightly rewarded the
    .>> The game does have sex in it and it does have
    violence. First, the
    > sex. Your main character can have sex with
    either one of his
    > girlfriends or a prostitute. Visually what you
    will see during the sex
    > scene is nothing different from what you may
    see in a TV show. As for
    > the brutal violence, the word brutal is an
    interesting word because of
    > the subjectiveness behind it; what I think is
    brutal and what someone
    > else may consider brutal is completely
    different. In this game the
    > violence is simply you can shoot, stab, punch,
    or kick anyone in the
    > game. This is indeed violent but I will not
    consider it brutal because
    > it is also very unrealistic. In no reality is
    it possible for one man
    > to shoot and kill 20 cops, then shoot a rocket
    to kill a police
    > helicopter, then steal a military tank and run
    wild though a city of
    > helpless police and soldiers. What also needs
    to be considered is the
    > relevance of this question completely, no one
    questions the sex in TV
    > shows like Desperate Housewives and no one
    questions the violence in
    > movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. How is it
    that TV and movies do
    > no stir the same controversy as videogames
    displaying the same thing?
    > What age range do you see this for?
    > I think the games rating M for Mature says it
    all. Some children reach
    > maturity sooner than others so determining an
    exact age is irrelevant;
    > it is the responsibility of the parents to
    decider whether their son
    > or daughter are responsible enough to handle a
    game with sex, drugs,
    > and a lot of (unrealistic) killing.
    > Sum the game up for me?
    > The game’s main character, Niko, is a recent
    immigrant to Liberty City
    > from Serbia. He moves in with his cousin and
    begins his pursuit
    > towards the American Dream and in the process
    becomes involved with
    > illegal mob-like activities.
    > Final Thoughts?
    > People have blamed past GTA games, and a slew
    of other games, for the
    > rise (or possibly perceived rise) of violence
    in America’s youth.
    > Although there have been no credible studies to
    support this
    > hypothesis it is important to realize sex and
    violence is everywhere
    > from A&F advertisements to television shows,
    yet videogames have
    > become the scapegoats. Whether or not you agree
    that GTA IV is a great
    > game is irrelevant, what is relevant is that in
    the United States (and
    > all democratic nations) we have the freedom of
    speech, an essential
    > aspect for the maintenance of any free society.
    If you do not want
    > your kids to play this game do not attack
    Rockstar for developing it,
    > just tell your sons/daughters that they are not
    allowed to play this
    > game. It is… or it should be that simple but
    by using Rockstar as a
    > scapegoat one does not only tarnish the
    foundation of our democracy
    > but completely disregards the ever important
    role of the parent.

  2. What about Monopoly?

  3. Monopoly was a tad too long for my taste, I don’t think we ever finished a game!

  4. What about” Facts in Five” Your can’t leave that classic out of the loop

  5. Can we ignore the last comment about the video game release being bigger than the release of Madonna’s 11th studio album, Hard Candy? I think not.

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