Drop the Doughnut

I think we should all join in and boycott Dunkin Doughnuts!! Cmon, it’s only a freaken scarf (and honestly, I rather like the scarf). Has anyone been shopping lately…scarves are in (and I’m not talking about wool winter ones).

This is now selling at the Gap…should we not shop their??


Good-bye Abercrombie…

Hello Buffalo Exchange! There is a new meaning to the 3 R’s…Recession= Resourceful for Resale. It appears (according to Adele Meyer, executive director of the National Association of Resale & Thrift Stores) that profit is up. Not only because of soaring prices in our economy but also because people want to be GREEN and recylce. This is actually a mulitbillion-dollar industry. Now all of a sudden it is “cool” to shop second hand and inventory now has a better selection due to people needing cash and bringing in newer merchandise.

 I’m taking the situation we are in now and turning it into a challenge! Instead of getting mad I think “how can I afford the things my family and I need”. I’m trying to be as creative as I can, pretending I am on SURVIOR (but without that million dollar prize).  But I will choose mac and cheese over  tarantula’s for dinner.


I got it…Cell Booths

I know the subject has been beaten to death but we MUST stop rude cell phone usage…do Hillary or Barack have a platform on this subject?
I am literally going to go insane if people continue to talk LOUD on their phones. Tell me, what has changed, back in the good ole days when people would go into these private booths and close the door behind them so no one could listen to their conversations. Now I hear more about people’s sex lives, medical problems, plans for the evening, etc. then I prefer to know. I have left stores because I can’t take it. I purposely let these loud mouths see me holding my ears as they rant on but of course, they are oblivious. My boyfriend recently went to the movies and he said the girl in front of him texted throughout the movie with her bright cell phone light glaring (even texting can be rude). And then if you say something YOU are considered the bitch instead of the other person being rude.
DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ANSWER or am I just going to become a recluse?

Pitch a tent in the backyard


I always feel after Memorial Day is over we are officially into the “summer” season (I know it really starts June 20th) but some colleges have already ended for the year and the stores have started selling “white” again! There is a new word that I recently learned that holds true for this particular summer, Staycation which refers to a holiday that takes place either at or near the home (damn gas prices).
There were a few other new words that came about in 2008 I liked-

Techorate – the integration of technology into the overall decorative theme of a home

 Ruralpolitan- is a professional who has abandoned the urban dwelling for a rural lifestyle and lives on three acres or more, typically within 40 miles of a city.

 Greenwashing – refers to companies and corporations that make green claims when their products or actions are anything but

 Swipeout When the magnetic strip on a credit card wears out due to use.

 IrritainmentA celebrity spectacle that, like a car wreck, you just can’t turn away from.

  So if you have to take a Staycation this summer don’t feel bad, instead be mature and think about sticking it to the gas stations, airlines and anyone else who is price gouging us!

A tisket, a tasket

This is where I want to work, at a company that shows some “spirit“! Longeberger Co. must have fun people if they designed their corporate headquarter like this. Maybe I should not assume but I’m going with my gut instinct. I bet they have a great working environment too with awesome benefits, matching 401K, 4 day work week, free cafeteria, etc. OK, now I’m in the fantasy world but I know their are some companies out there that do value their employees…maybe they are found in this basket (it kind of reminds me of Dorothy’s, maybe that’s why I like it so much).

Now all I have to do is move to Ohio.

It shouldn’t be the sex that matters

 The Daily Dalia has a gripe. I was talking to someone this week who was telling me he had 4 older brothers and one younger sister, the parents kept trying until they had a girl. This is my gripe (as my teeth grind), parents should have children to have “children”, simple as that. It should not matter in any way what sex the child is, why would it? I have 2 boys and am thrilled that I have 2 great kids, I really don’t care that one of them is not a girl.  When I hear the “perfect family” line when someone has two children, a boy and a girl I want to hurl. What makes a “perfect family” in this day and age, that is a broad statement. We have families of divorces, adoptees, gay parents, grandparents raising children, the list is endless. I think as long as children are raised & loved for who they are by loving people that is perfection!

Happy Memorial Day?

Not to ruin your holiday this weekend but like everything else, your Memorial Day BBQ is going to cost you more this year. Can’t the recession at least cut us a break as we observe our holiday, I guess not. Remember back in the day when you were a teenager and you had to pay a couple of bucks to get into a kegger party, well you may want to bring back that childhood tradition when you are having those bbq’s. Here are the stats…get out your caluculator to figure out what to charge. (my photo is an idea for anyone who is making cupcakes this weekend)!

Percent change of average price increase from 2007

1 lb. beef … 1.1 percent
8-hotdog pack …6.7 percent
8 burger buns…16.7 percent
8 hot dog buns…14.5 percent
1 lb. American cheese…4 percent
1 lb. Tomatoes… 8.6 percent
1 lb. Lettuce… 9.1 percent
16-ounce bag of chips…11.8
6-pack of beer… 1.2 percent
Soda, 2-liters… 10.8 percent
16.4-oz Propane cartridge…8 percent
Lighter fluid… 3.4 percent
Charcoal…1.4 percent
Ketchup..8 percent
Mustard…2.1 percent
Mayonaise…13.1 percent
Salad dressing…6 percent
Jar of pickles…4.9 percent
Paper plates…13.8 percent
Napkins…3.8 percent

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