License to be Dumb

I immediately thought of Pink’s “Stupid Girls” song when I heard this next story. My boyfriend was sitting at a red light and looked over to the driver on his left which was a girl about 17. Not only was she on her cell phone but she was also painting her toe nails. To top it off when the light turned green and she didn’t go the car behind her honked; she then had the audacity to yell “F U”. Maybe she was on her way to audition for Paris’s new BFF.

I don’t like when girls/woman give girls/woman a bad name…I am already stereotyped into a group that puts make-up on in cars (which I SWEAR I have never done), now it’s giving pedicures…UGH.


One Response

  1. “Where, oh where, have the smart people gone? Oh where, oh where, can they be? Maybe if I like that, that boy will call me back, porno papparazzi girls. I dont want to be a stupid girl!” Just in case some users need to know a bit of Pink’s Stupid Girl song.

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