Fly the Expensive Skies

Those damn airlines added one more thing to their “gouging the customer” list. Now to save money they are adding to the time we have to sit in those tiny seats; flying slower to help with gas costs! I don’t care if its only 5 minutes longer, that’s 5 minutes more of breathing in all those airplane germs. They just keep going-

    1.  Charging $25.00 for a second piece of luggage (It should somehow go by    size of luggage)

  1. Raising ticket prices
  2. Little or no food on flights (I know the food is awful but it’s the principle)
  3. Adding fuel surcharges to the tickets

 I bet I know the next step, charging us to get our shoes back after going through security or maybe if we use the bathroom there will be a fee? Who knows, the skies the limit for them…HA!

All I know is that whatever money they do save will not be passed on to me.     


Still the best MOCK MOVIE to date!



One Response

  1. The silver lining is that by spending only five or so extra minutes on a plane less fuel is used which is good for the Earth!

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