I’ll stick to Disneyland

On the front page of my Sunday paper Travel section it states that Saudi Arabia opens up “a bit” to encourage tourism. Uhhh…I think I’ll pass on that deal!

Ever since I saw Jaws I am quite leery about the ocean, the same holds true since I saw “Not without my Daughter”, I don’t want to go to that part of the world. Why would I want to spend money to go somewhere that I have to wear an abayas (although it would make packing quite simple) and always have to walk around accompanied by a man? They state they have the most pristine scuba diving in the world; I would have to think that would be hard in a robe. I liked this quote “ Saudi Arabia today faces a big challenge, which is its image”…do ya think!!



One Response

  1. Agreed! I’ll take Disneyland too. The problem will come when they build a Disneyland in Saudi Arabia. Then what do you do?

    I think I might get arrested in Saudri Arabia. I know in Iran they’d literally arrest and hang me, but not sure how intense the punishment for being gay is for Saudis.

    I’ll stick to scuba diving stateside.

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