Boxing for Dummies

My college son informed me yesterday he protested an organized fight night at UCSB and the police came and escorted him and his friends out…that’s my boy (he told me on Mother’s day…what a gift)!
I don’t understand ultimate fighting / boxing popularity, can someone please explain. I would have to think when aliens are visiting us they report back to their leader saying we are more barbaric then they ever thought! If I had to say one thing I like about this “sport”, I LOVE when Vegas gets all riled up for a big fight, advertising is out of control, people spend mega bucks on tickets or to have it play on their cable station and the fight is over in a matter of minutes.
Now that is glory!

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    That is the full report on the event and protest.

  2. fight night must be a new ucsb tradition (7 years new I believe it said) as it wasn’t around when old folks like me (I’ve been gone 10 years) went there.

    I was very excited to see justin’s link to the nexus! I spent many mornings (sometimes during class) reading the daily nexus.

    It wasn’t online WAY back then, gosh, I am old! Thanks Justin for bringing back the Nexus to me.

    oh, and as far as my comment that directly relates to today’s DD post -the whole fascination with UFC fighting – i’m with you dalia – i just don’t get it.

  3. Being a Greek event, I assume there were a plethora of audience members with signs supporting their frat brothers and sisters. If this isn’t the case, then the following statement wont stand, however if this is true then…

    I assume that the security guards escorted ALL audience members with any signs whatsoover to leave. If this is not the case, I do believe a freedom of speech violation may have been committed. Particularly, as from what I understand, this event was held at the university, and therefore public grounds.

    Either way, a group of individuals peacefully and respectfully protesting something they believe in is the best and coolest thing ever. I particularly liked how it was pointed out that these protestors stood in the back, obstructing no ones views but allowing those who wish to gaze, the ability to and therefore think.

    The principle of freedom of speech is instilled in this idea. Individuals have the power to look away from the sign, or to read it. The important thing is that everyone have the freedom to say it. This is why I do hope this group wasn’t silenced for their dissent, but truly were silenced because of the “obstruction of view.”

  4. Fight night is a UCSB tradition dating back to around 1992 or 1993 if memory serves correctly. It started out as an interfraternity competition, allowed independents to compete, and seems to have expanded since. It raises money for a youth boxing program that has been around SB since at least the mid-1980s that serves mainly at risk youth from the underclass sections of town. Not everyone who competes is affiliated with the fraternity system.

    I trained some boxers for the event over the years before leaving the area in late 2001 after completing my Ph.D. and moving on. If you don’t compete in boxing, I won’t try to explain the attraction of it. I looked at amateur boxing as an American martial art, much the same as karate, judo, or any of the other disciplines. I will just leave it at that.

    Why someone would be compelled to protest a fund raising event that helped underprivileged kids is beyond me, but UCSB does seek to indulge everyone’s point of view.

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