She’s out…not wait, she’s safe!

OK Mom, who the heck are these superdelegates and why aren’t they supporting Hillary? Her campaign says she can catch Obama in the popular vote by turning out the vote in the remaining five contests…whatever that means. Mom, did you know that that no Democrat has won the White House since 1916 without winning West Virginia…maybe these superdelegate people will listen to that. Is Bush done yet?



5 Responses

  1. I guess it was smart of Clinton to call herself the politician who cares about the white working class! 94.9% of the state is white and only 14.8% have graduated college, too bad the whole country is not like West Virginia!!!!!!


  2. Does Hillary still have a shot at the nomination? On the cover of this week’s Time Magazine is Barack Obama with the headline “And the Winner Is…” which made be think that his nomation was pretty much guaranteed. I then saw in the corner though that it also said “Really, we’re pretty sure this time”

    I’m still crossing my fingers that Hillary captures the nomination though! It was just a bummer to see Barack on this week’s cover of Time with that headline.

  3. Rumors are up that John Edwards is going to endorse Obama tonight.

    Now she is out.

  4. I’m with you wcarroll, I’m keepin my fingers crossed…but it will take a MIRACLE to happen. Lets send Hillary to 34th street.
    It figures Edwards endorsed Obama…I never did like that guy.

  5. Wait a minute, why did Edwards wait so long to endorse Obama, he waited until he knew who was going to win. Uh, lets see, does he want to be asked to be VP??

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