I now pronounce you, Broke

The big “R” word has now hit the wedding world…hallelujah! Brides and Grooms (or whoever is paying) are tightening the purse strings! Do we really need a flock of doves to be released at the church or do I want to be able to buy gas for the next couple weeks???
I detest that famous line “every girl dreams about their wedding day’, I didn’t and I enjoyed having only 20 people at the event. Weddings have gotten way out of control like most things in life. I admire Jenna Bush for her wedding; it was elegant but yet seemed quite simple for being the daughter of the president.
 I used to assist a caterer (that lasted about 2 months) and seeing the stress and fighting that families went through was just ridiculous, especially when the whole affair is over in 5 hours.
If I had to choose a word for the big day it would be quaint.

3 Responses

  1. There just seems like so much more that the money from a wedding could be spent on. Ironically, the upcoming or present recession was in part caused by the housing crisis. Had a few people taken some wedding day money and it applied to the down payment on their home, maybe a few more people would be in a better spot.

    I tell you, too, if I want to feel like a princess for a day, forget an expensive wedding, I’d go to Disney World!

  2. I used to imagine a pretty big wedding with all my friends, family and then some…..until I worked for a wedding photographer for 2 years. UGH!! I had 8 guests at my wedding and I would do it all over again exactly the same way. If newlyweds would discuss details of their life together instead of napkin color and who is going to sit next to Aunt Gertrude we could possible cut the divorce rate in half.

    OK…..how long are we giving Mariah??????

  3. I give that media whore til the end of summer, Labor Day! Christmas, if you want to be generous.

    A friend of mine (who loves Madonna like I do) pointed out that Mariah’s second single of her new album had tanked, coincidentally Madonna’s single and album were released around the same time, probably taking some attention. This wedding came all to close to that bombing second single and need to increase album sales. PUBLICITY STUNT.

    If you get the name of person tatooed on, particularly that early on, it is DOOMED from the beginning. DOOMED!

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