Wii have to simmer down

With everything comes controversy (does anyone have a problem with my new Dahlia flower heading)? This week Wii Fit hits the U.S Market and I guess Wii Fit called a 10 year old Britain girl “overweight”, the parents are outraged. I don’t know if this girl is really overweight but if she is, then isn’t it important that she gets a handle on it now when she is young. If she’s not then the parents can explain to her how BMI (what Wii Fit measures) is different for kids due to varying levels of development and that she is just fine! C’mon, I think the rest of society is doing far worse pressuring girls/woman on their image then Wii Fit.

Nintendo has apologized for anyone who is offended. Parents, if you don’t want your kids to possibly hear they may be overweight then don’t buy Wii Fit, you have that power. It is as easy as that.


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