Turn off your phones for the Rolling Stones

Here are a few statements, some from famous musicians, about cell phone usage at concerts. It’s called “MICROBORDOM” a term invented by a cell phone company to convince people they need to escape reality with their mobile gadgets.

1. “There’s definitely a problem where people are so busy documenting the moment that they forget to just live in the moment”.

2. “To me a gig isn’t supposed to be for posterity. You can’t see the world through a viewfinder”.

3. “Everyone has this strange archiving addiction now. It’s like they’re trying to pin a butterfly to a corkboard”.

4. “It’s a really interesting trend-instead of clapping, they’re blogging”.

5. “There’s a generational gap where people no longer know how to experience life without technology”.

6. “All these new toys, people have to play with them for awhile but ultimately, they’ll figure out how dehumanizing they are.


“In an age of multitasking, some wonder if electronic gadgets are really that much of a distraction – or the anti-cell  phone brigade is being crotchety”.


I think I am part of this brigade, I am a huge fan of music and this article hit me in a sad way.


(all statements taken from the The Dallas Morning News by Thor Christensen)


3 Responses

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  2. Loved this one and every other one, It is so much fun getting these, I feel like I am chatting with you in the virtual world. Hope all is well with things and thanks so much for you writings, selections and visuals, it is a treat to read your insightful comments and find out what types of subjects you are drawn to! Great Job!!!!!

  3. “Microboredom” is a great way to describe the constant use of cell phones. I think that as technology advances and provides people with more ways to communicate, people are actually becoming more disconnected with the world. It is almost as though, the cell phone has become that constant friend who is with you. You can be entertained with it and you can experience a concert with it.

    This idea of microboredom doesnt necessary apply to solely cell phones. You experience this when you go to Disneyland and see people walking with a video camera capturing everystep. If you are focusing on not tripping as you view a theme park though a view finder, how can you experience the park or any place you are at fully? Your body wont be able to take in the smells, the sounds, the vivid colors and all that the scenery has to offer.

    People may be able to multitask, but experiencing a concert, a historical site, a beach or a theme park involves more than just what is seen. It is what is felt and using something man made like a cell phone or camera to capture solely the sights and sometimes sounds, plays a huge disadvantage because you will never remember how you felt whilst you experienced it.

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