Happy Memorial Day?

Not to ruin your holiday this weekend but like everything else, your Memorial Day BBQ is going to cost you more this year. Can’t the recession at least cut us a break as we observe our holiday, I guess not. Remember back in the day when you were a teenager and you had to pay a couple of bucks to get into a kegger party, well you may want to bring back that childhood tradition when you are having those bbq’s. Here are the stats…get out your caluculator to figure out what to charge. (my photo is an idea for anyone who is making cupcakes this weekend)!

Percent change of average price increase from 2007

1 lb. beef … 1.1 percent
8-hotdog pack …6.7 percent
8 burger buns…16.7 percent
8 hot dog buns…14.5 percent
1 lb. American cheese…4 percent
1 lb. Tomatoes… 8.6 percent
1 lb. Lettuce… 9.1 percent
16-ounce bag of chips…11.8
6-pack of beer… 1.2 percent
Soda, 2-liters… 10.8 percent
16.4-oz Propane cartridge…8 percent
Lighter fluid… 3.4 percent
Charcoal…1.4 percent
Ketchup..8 percent
Mustard…2.1 percent
Mayonaise…13.1 percent
Salad dressing…6 percent
Jar of pickles…4.9 percent
Paper plates…13.8 percent
Napkins…3.8 percent

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3 Responses

  1. Awesome, stuff costs more and people have less money. I just love President Bush, why can’t he be president for four more years!?!?

  2. See good alternates in Parens()…..Times like this require “outside of the box” thinking.

    1 lb. beef … 1.1 percent (opt for fish….throw out a line at the pier…healthier anyway)
    8-hotdog pack …6.7 percent (watch the video on how they’re made….no more hotdogs)
    8 burger buns…16.7 percent (See line 1)
    8 hot dog buns…14.5 percent (See Line 2)
    1 lb. American cheese…4 percent (Stay away from the processed stuff)
    1 lb. Tomatoes… 8.6 percent (Time to plant a garden……Create a compost garden)
    1 lb. Lettuce… 9.1 percent (See above)
    16-ounce bag of chips…11.8 (More un-needed cholesterol…grow potatoes and make your own)
    6-pack of beer… 1.2 percent (Use all of the savings from the above measures to buy this item in bulk quantities……or brew your own)
    Soda, 2-liters… 10.8 percent (Do away with POP altogether, watch the effects of Coke on a steel nail over time…..thats your stomach)
    16.4-oz Propane cartridge…8 percent (Flint, kindling and dry wood….see Man V. Wild on Discovery for hints)
    Lighter fluid… 3.4 percent (See above)
    Charcoal…1.4 percent (see above)
    Ketchup..8 percent (Condiments are for masking natural flavor….or worse adding flavor….if its that bland on its own, drop it from the menu.)
    Mustard…2.1 percent (See Above)
    Mayonaise…13.1 percent (See above: also leave the current jar you have out in the Sun for 2 hours – you’ll rethink Mayo entirely)
    Salad dressing…6 percent (Get back in touch with the great falvor of lettuce, dry)
    Jar of pickles…4.9 percent (If you must have pickles….like beer, accept the increased cost with a smile…after all, you’ve saved a bundle by taking all my measures into practice.)
    Paper plates…13.8 percent (Take a risk….eat without a net)
    Napkins…3.8 percent (grab that old shirt that you use to dry the car)

  3. Kneedragger, you have come up with some EXCELLENT suggestions. We all have to start getting creative! My creative suggestion is to not have any company over…someone has to be pretty damn important now to have over for dinner!

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