I got it…Cell Booths

I know the subject has been beaten to death but we MUST stop rude cell phone usage…do Hillary or Barack have a platform on this subject?
I am literally going to go insane if people continue to talk LOUD on their phones. Tell me, what has changed, back in the good ole days when people would go into these private booths and close the door behind them so no one could listen to their conversations. Now I hear more about people’s sex lives, medical problems, plans for the evening, etc. then I prefer to know. I have left stores because I can’t take it. I purposely let these loud mouths see me holding my ears as they rant on but of course, they are oblivious. My boyfriend recently went to the movies and he said the girl in front of him texted throughout the movie with her bright cell phone light glaring (even texting can be rude). And then if you say something YOU are considered the bitch instead of the other person being rude.
DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ANSWER or am I just going to become a recluse?

9 Responses

  1. I think a lot of people think they same way as you, but people then just do it anyway because they don’t think it is wrong when they are doing it.

    I don’t mind if people talk on the cell phone in public, to me that is no different then two people talking face to face, it just is rude when it is really loud, and VERY rude when someone talks on the phone when being checked out!

  2. I have to agree with Justin here…… This is now part of the social norm….And Dalia, if I saw you or anyone else for that matter, plugging/covering their ears when I was near on the celly I would likely make it a point to follow you/them around while I was talking on the phone….just to see how you’d eventually react. 😉 Then I’d play dumb when you eventually did react. I know, I know…….. What a jackass!….. But what fun it is to push buttons from time to time.

  3. I don’t think the “norm” is yelling your conversation unless you have a hearing problem. If I am in public talking I talk low as not to disturb the surrounding people. I guess what it boils down to is if you are a considerate person or not.
    In conclusion, if the “jackass” shoe fits, then yell on your cell phone.

  4. I was at a school function today listening to my daughter sing on stage along with her whole class….some idiots phone rings during the performance and he proceeds to speak really loud……that is until I turned around and gave him my best ” R U *ucking kidding me” look….and he then took the call in the hallway. Let’s all join forces and soon this annoying, inconsiderate species will soon be extinct.

  5. Apparently it wasn’t me that you looked back at. I likely would have made a funny face at you. What’s interesting about the last two takes here is that, once again, folks have a tendency to place their moral value or “consideration” value above that of another’s. Fact of the matter is that in the public domain, folks may have a different value associated with “consideration” and while I typically am a polite individual and try to be considerate of others – when others try to cast their influence upon me based on their social interpretation of consideration or anything else for that matter, I am more likely to tell them to eff off. Now, if I am at your house and in “your” domain, I will honor your request out of respect that it is “your” domain.

    It’s like radio or TV – If you don’t like what’s on change the channel – you have the power to change your situation at any time. Maybe, it would be easier to just tune annoying folks or loud cell phone talkers out instead of having an emotional reaction to their behavior. But, then again, that’s an action that you’d have to own and take accountability for and in America we’ve learned that blaming others is much easier and much more fun.

    Just food for thought……

  6. We live in a society, which means we are a community of individuals living and working in conjuction with one another. We are not woodsmen living a solitary life in the dark forests. By living in a society, we must take our surroundings and therefore, each other into consideration.

    I agree that in our free society, people do have varying moral values and ways to define “consideration.” However, there are certain “considerations” that through social norms are naturally expected. Such considerations include not purposely shoving another person whilst attemping to get on a subway. I won’t cut in front of someone in a queue, because it is not my turn. Additionally, I won’t speak loudly on my cell phone in a public arena, because just as much as the person next to me probably doesn’t want to hear my business, I do not want to hear their business. I won’t speak loudly in a recital because just as much as someone doesn’t want me interrupting their experience when their child is perfoming, I don’t want someone disturbing my child’s performance.

    Yes, we all speak on our cell phones in public, but there is a difference between allowing everyone to listen to you and only allowing the person you are speaking to hear you. Unlike when two people are speaking on the street, I think the factor of missing one half of the conversation makes it so that the brain naturally feels something is missing and therefore, there is a bit of a natural disturbance.

    So although definitions of “consideration” and “social morality” may differ from individual to indivudal, I think there is something to say to thinking more about the people around you and considering their experience. This cell phone phenomenon is an extension of the increasingly self-centered, and ego-centric society developing today. It must be this or an incessant need for constant attention.

  7. ..and very simply stated……before the school recital they made an announcement to kindly shut off/ or silence cell phones. The man on my left answered his silenced phone and in 2.5 seconds whispered “I have to call you back I’m at my childs school production”…while the man behind me answered his phone that went off on volume 10 and proceeded to bellow out his end of the discussion. Let’s be honest.. which person would you rather sit near next time your 10 year old is up on stage singing, or during your next movie that you paid $10.00 for, or your next Broadway show??

  8. I wonder if some of these inconsiderate people grew up as the only child in a family and therefore, they never learned how to be considerate of other people’s space and/or presence as a young child.

  9. I have a solution. Start singing. Seriously, just sing the national anthem. Then look at the bewilderment on their faces and say “Oh. am I disturbing you?” Just today I was in the bathroom stall trying to do my business when this woman comes in the next stall all loud with her annoying conversation and of course I can’t concentrate. i started whistling really loud then started singing. She actually had the nerve to say “Do you mind?” I said I do mind and won’t stop till she shuts up or goes in the hallway, which she did.

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