When shopping isn’t fun!

I call upon my readers to wish my luck, say a prayer, think positive thoughts, whatever works for you.

 Soon, I will be undergoing a painful procedure…purchasing a new car. This has to be one of the most dreadful things in life (OK, I may be exaggerating a tad). The gas situation got me, along with needing more room (becoming a supportive mom). I gave up on the Prius, they are not readily available and I would guess not much room for negotiations. I’m sorry (and I don’t want to offend car sales people) but this task stinks with a capital “S”. Do these people take a course in BS? Going to the dentist and having root canal sounds like a vacation compared to the wheelings and dealings of purchasing a car. If ANYONE out there can give me words of wisdom, I will owe you big! My firstborn is 25 so I can’t offer that maybe my gratitude will be enough.


Here is an interesting link on EcoGeeks…woman prefer a man with an eco friendly car then a sports car. Now that’s cool!


7 Responses

  1. Yes, your first born is unavailable! Car buying is one of the worst things in the world to do. However, after all the hassle is said and done there is a great feeling of having that brand new car on the streets.

    My last car purchase was a Nissan and the dealership had a no haggling policy (similar to Saturn), so it made it easy for me. In my process of car searching, I just heard lots of stories of buyers playing hard ball. Depending on the car you are looking for you could probably walk away from that dealer and go down to the next city and try again.

    My assumption is with the economic climate being what it is you probably have the cards in your favor. I thought I heard buying a car at the end of the month gets you a better deal because salespeople are desperate to meet quotas.

  2. Spend as much time as possible researching online. When you have all the information you need, spend as little time as possible at the dealership.

    Good luck purchasing the mini van, supportive mom!

  3. I think haggling with a car sales man would be fun. Here is one tip, if you take out a loan take it out from your bank and not from the car dealership because that gives them less to screw you over with :)\

    Also, every car dealer will say “I have someone else interested in this car” that is a lie to try to pressure you into caving quickly, it is called a “Ticking Time Bomb”.

  4. I’m actually paying cash and was told you shouldn’t mention that because you can get a better deal if they THINK you will be using their credit company. See, I don’t like these stupid games!!

  5. Yes. You are correct. Saying you are paying cash is not an incentive to the dealership. They would prefer you to finance.

    Research, know the fair price, offer, buy or walk.

  6. You should just have Ryan give you his car…he never uses it and was talking about selling it just the other day. His little Versa needs a home where it won’t be neglected and ignored!

  7. you need a friends discount. contact a friend at the big three

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