Sorry Dalia, we lost

I guess the fat lady has sung, Hillary will not be our next President. This deeply saddens me, my hope for a female president have been squashed. As I stated in an earlier post, my Mom had NOW meetings at our house when I was little so it is in my blood. I have said for the past 20 years or so that before I die I hope to see a woman president. I’m not that old and there is still time but in my heart I thought Hillary would be the one. In my eyes, she is truly passionate about this position and Barack, on the otherhand,  is just another “politician”. I loved HIllary’s quote “I want the nearly 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected , to be heard and no longer invisible”.  I went with my gut/heart and I believed Hillary was the one, and for the record, my gut/heart is usually correct. Yes, she may be asked to be V.P but that just doesn’t cut it for me.

I will vote for Barack but will always wonder how Hillary would have done it.


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  1. Although I disagree that Barack is just another “politician,” I am excited about the prospect of the Dream Ticket.

    Here is what I hope will happen… Hillary is offered and accepts the VP the position. Barack stays in office for two terms and Hillary as VP for two terms will be lined up to run for President and win in eight years. We will go from an African American president to a female president. I don’t think Hillary’s time is over, I think it is just being set up.

    Keep the faith! Hillary may be president one day, just not today.

  2. Oh, I can see it now…OLD LADY runs for president. Leno is working on material as we speak.

  3. Agreed, she would be way to old to run for president. Unlike McCain, and men in general, public does not see old women as dignified, that is why you rarely see famous old actresses but actors, regardless of how old they get, they always act!

    She wont get VP either, she pissed Obama too much with that speech of hers.

  4. You never know what the next eight years may bring! I want to see a female President one day very soon so at least we are getting closer to that reality. And I am crossing my fingers that Hillary will get the VP nomination, it will make me a bit more pumped about the democratic ticket.

  5. What about a McCain/Clinton ticket? (That’s what Lincoln did in an attempt to unite a divided country)

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