Scooby Doo…where are you?

In the “earth watch” section of my newspaper I read that sunscreen lotion used by swimmers is contributing to a phenomenon known as “coral bleaching” threatening the coral and marine life that depends on it. I’m sorry but I give up, it appears as though everyday they find something new we do is bad for either us (cancer, etc.) or the environment. Yes, knowledge gives us power but it’s giving me anxiety! I really don’t know what to do anymore; eat this, don’t eat that, drive this, don’t drive that, wear this, don’t wear that, say this, don’t say that, buy this, don’t buy that…Ok, you get where I’m going. Maybe I just analyze things too much; is life getting harder? Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again and use whatever color I want in my coloring book, play whatever game I want after school or wake up on a Saturday morning and watch some great cartoons (Scooby was my favorite)! Progress can be unbelievably great or just simply mind boggling.

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  1. Research like this though will now push sunscreen developers to create a sunscreen that is effective as a product and protective of the environment. Styrofoam and hair sprays used to have CFCs, but this was found to cause ozone holes. No CFCs are a no go, yet we still use these products. I will continue to use sunscreen as usual, and once they develop sunscreens that protect oceans, I’ll move to that.

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