“We’re near the event everyone is expecting. It seems Apple at last has included an embedded GPS. It features a category 8 HSDPA connection (3G) for a top speed of 7.2 MB/s. The main iPhone CPU will remain unchanged.” This statement about the new iPhone is like reading a foreign language…I just need to know what colors it comes in.

I only know about the new iPhone because at work I am surrounded by phone freaks!! The two guys I share an office with always have their cell phones at arm’s length (like an expectant father would). They eat, live and breathe cell phones! I, on the other hand could care less about my phone. Wait, I take that back…I have a Verizon Envy and I can’t wait to get rid of it, the buttons to dial and the front screen are too small so I’m trading it soon for something more “simple”. Is it safe to say that cell phones are more a guy thing? If that is true it’s kind of odd because most guys hate to talk on the phone? I know, I know, it all the other stuff they like, the “techy” part of it.



5 Responses

  1. A female reader wrote-

    “About the cell phones, my phone is cooler than I am. It has a MP3 player and all these other things – I have never – nor do I know how to use.
    I just need to be able to make and receive calls, and have caller ID so I know who is calling me”

  2. I won’t be buying the new 3G iPhone. I will be waiting for a phone with Google’s Android operating system. It is going to destroy Apple.

  3. I think phones are a “Teen thing” my next phone will be dusted off and handed to me after I ask for one without a camera

  4. It’s just a matter of time til people make the jump to these more “complicated” cell phones. Eight years ago people fought off the idea of having a cell phone thinking they would never have one, and we know perfectly well they have one now. The Apple iPhones are a lot of fun and aren’t really complicated. They may look intimidating but I personally love having my all-in-one device that I can carry around with me everyone where I go.

  5. What’s with the black turtlenecks & Levi’s?

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