Move over Sex and the City…

There’s a new sheriff in town.  San Diego recently “wowed” some out of town architects at this years design awards program, put on by the American Institute of Architects. In the words of Rod Kruse (architect) “San Diego is the new sexy”.  I don’t exactly know what that means but I’m ready to audition for the new movie (being a San Diego resident). I haven’t seen the recent movie or the TV show but I want to play Sarah Jessica’s role…she seems to be the coolest of all! What is a sexy city, (according to architects) I read the entire article and it really didn’t explain. The term “remarkable” was used several times which makes sense but I still don’t get the “sexy” part? The architect who made the statement was from Kansas City…is that a clue? I know this isn’t earth breaking news but curiosity got the best of me (my nickname is Curious Georgina)! Any architects out there?

2 Responses

  1. I will tell you about the use of the term “Sexy” in this situation, because I have particular issues of it being used in this type of context. I had a professor who used say that students weren’t intersted in a certain type of politics because it wasn’t “sexy.” I was also at an adverstising industry breakfast and a man kept saying, “blah blah blah, this type of work is sexy.”

    It is basically this annoying way of saying something is new, hot and vivacious. Think about the qualities you’d attribute to a sexy outfit, or a sexy person and than apply it to the noun that is being described. A “sexy city” is fresh, modern, hot and everyone wants a piece of it.

    As a former resident of San Diego, I can say that the city, like a person, is sexy at first and then the more you get to know it, the more you want to break up with it.

    If a “sexy city” means horrible public transportation, terrible infrastructure and a high cost of living intermixed with low wages, than send me back to the old sexy of NYC!

  2. If you get the part of Sarah then I want to adudition for Mr. Big

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