Heeeeeere’s Foreclosure

 I have to agree with Mr. Beck on this one, I actually thought the same thing when the story came out about Ed McMahon possibly going into foreclosure. Sorry, but my sympathy for him ranks kind of low on the scale….there are a lot worse stories out there.


“McMahon bought the house in January 1990 and, despite Los Angeles home prices being up 106 percent since then, reportedly still owes about $5 million on it. In other words, like so many other Americans, McMahon used his home as an ATM over the years. But unlike most other Americans, a sale at his asking price would allow him to pay off his lenders and still pocket several hundred thousand dollars” Read more…


I have to admit in the past I looked at celebrities as WOW people but not anymore. Millions of woman have babies everyday…I am sick to death hearing about “bump watches”, when did this fascination start? And of course our favorite page in US magazine “Just likes Us”. Did you know that Uma Thurman, after a day of shopping, puts her packages in the trunk of a car…JUST LIKE US!!! (and yes, I do enjoy reading US…but mostly for styles).


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