Yay for Gay’s

Starting tomorrow gay people can finally say “I do” in California and an estimated $684 million dollars will be spent on these long overdue weddings in the next 3 years (c’mon Arnold, even you have to love that)! This will not happen if the state high court’s ruling is reversed in November by a voter referendum (it better not)!

The main reason it should not be reversed is obvious…all people are created equal, it’s quite simple. BUT, if you are one of those people that think being heterosexual gives you more rights then think of the 64 million in tax revenue for the state, 9 million in marriage -license fees for counties and some 2200 jobs! Yes, it shouldn’t be about helping the economy in California but if that is what it takes for some ignorant people then so be it.


One Response

  1. There is really no negative effect caused by gay men and women getting married. Bible huggers hold onto old ideals and traditions of man and woman united in marriage. Instead of moving forward into modern ways of thinking, they fight for discrimination to maintain some type of power that increasingly is taken away as more and more equality is granted.

    It is the government’s duty to protect the rights of people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and thankfully today is a day that celebrates the government making a decision to do such! It’s time to celebrate!

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