Calling all Doctors


This is a job I would love; critiquing doctors and their practices…” secret symptomers”, that’s a catchy title (I made that up).

Hospitals, clinics and private practices are hiring this service to evaluate their doctor’s and staff, of course some are for it…and some are not.  I have had a few very rude, indiscreet, cold hearted people in the industry that I had to write my own letters to the AMA so I’m all for it.  

I don’t know why some doctor’s would think they are above being evaluated. We already have to call you “doctor”, that’s bad enough.

I had to laugh, I was in my doctor’s office last week and there was one big portrait of the 6 doctors in the practice and then below it 3 smaller individual photo’s of the nurses. I would have started right there with my criticism and said “couldn’t you ALL be in one photo to show you all work as a team”. My second thought was, of course I had to wait at least 30 minutes with old magazines of Family Fun, The Hockey News and Water Ski (who picked these out)??

I want this job, it’s my calling!  



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