The Bump


I have to think Obama is going to be our next president, I just can’t see McCain winning. I’m hoping “the bump” will be the new greeting of 2009! I know it’s not “new” to the U. S, only in certain areas is it common but I’m hoping for a widespread trend. Sorry but I’m not a fan of the handshake; my name is dalia and I am slightly a germaphobe! I really think we have to stop shaking hands (especially during the cold/flu season). This is perfect so I’m crossing my fingers that it catches on. I saw a picture in the paper today where Michelle bumped everyone on the View so it’s starting. I had suggested hitting elbows together but this will work too. Hey, my local supermarket has sanitizing wipes right by the carts so you can clean your handle free of germs, I flush with my foot, I open doors with my elbows; the bump is a cherry on my sundae. Go Barack!


3 Responses

  1. I like this “bump” picture of the Obamas. It makes it seem like this couple is a team working together. In this picture, I see “yeah, we did.”

    In a way, it makes Michelle Obama more of modern woman in the forefront, rather than a Laura Bush in the background.

    The First Lady plays a pivotal role in the White House and this “bump” represents a strong team effort the Obamas will bring to Washington!


  2. You forget to mention its less germ spreading!!

  3. I like How Fox News linked it to terrorism, really, they called the fist bump a terrorist thing.

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