Jaws turns 33

The day was June 20th, 1975 and the movie Jaws opened in theaters across the nation. I remember seeing it on the big screen and I have to admit I still enjoy it just as much 33 years later! I think this movie is the one I have seen the most in my lifetime, I can’t even guess at the number of times. And yes, because of this movie I never want to be the furthest out in the ocean (why do I think the shark will pick that person  over me) and I like to be able to see my feet in the ocean, the unknown below scares me! This movie is on my top ten list along with Tremors…maybe I have a thing for creatures from below.

So Happy Anniversary Jaws, you have made a big impact on the world…since you, the ocean will never be the same.


One Response

  1. lol my birthday is on june 20. Jaws is great, especially for it’s time and the development they used back in the days compared to the ones now.

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