Goodbye George

George Carlin died yesterday, I thought he was one of our more funnier comedians. I also moved this past weekend which ties into my favorite George Carlin routine…STUFF! Yes, I moved all my STUFF from one house to another…now their is a place for my STUFF. Watch and enjoy.






2 Responses

  1. It really is amazing how much stuff people have and how tied to it we all are. I suppose that’s why this video is funny to a lot of people. We can all relate to the dreadful task of packing for vacation, thinking we need everything.

    The most of the liberating times I’ve had was when I got rid of A LOT of my stuff, and kept just enough for two hatchback car loads. It was scary and emotional, but afterwards freeing myself of all that stuff made me feel more alive. It was as though I wasn’t weighed down anymore. I suppose that is why people accumulate so much stuff and keep it…it weighs you down, and provides some stability.

    George Carlin didn’t mention in this video the comedy of the beach trip, where everyone acts like they have the same destiny as Gilligan, and they pack a world of stuff for a simple day at the beach.

  2. I am reminded of my dad everytime I see or hear George Carlin! He is a huge fan as am I. He will be missed.

    I have so much stuff that I keep baking dishes in my second bedroom closet and my food processor in a closet downstairs! Top that! I’ll have to heed the advice and get rid of some “stuff”

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