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I know some people say that Hollywood must be running out of new ideas when they do remakes but I personally love them. I remember the feeling I got while I was sitting in the theater and 9 squares appeared on the screen with Marcia, Jan, Cindy, etc; I literally got goose bumps seeing one of my childhood favorite series at the theater! I don’t think the writers are lacking creativity, I think they are going by the old saying “if it’s not broke then don’t fix it” so stick with the hits. The most recent remake is Get Smart…the one part I loved is when he’s walking down the hallway of doors and ends up at the phone booth…ahhh, the memories. So don’t ridicule Hollywood because I’m still waiting for Cameron Diaz to play Jeannie, Jim Carey as Gilligan, Julia Roberts as Mary Tyler Moore and Johnny Depp as Mr. Kotter! Lets keep the 70’s alive…peace out!

(let me know what famous star you would like to see in a show from the past)


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  1. I see Reese Witherspoon as “Jeannie”. Natalie Portman as “Mary Tyler Moore” and Jennifer Gardner as “That Girl”

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