Viva Las Vegas

Tomorrow I will be heading to Vegas for a couple days…nothing like Vegas in the summer; it will be 108 degrees of dry heat…ahhh! It’s so exciting pulling onto the strip when you first arrive, the energy you feel is more then any pink bunny could handle but for me, after 2 nights, it’s then time to get the hell out of Dodge. At first hearing the slot machines is music to your ears but the morning of your checkout it’s more like a dentist’s drill! Your first buffet you may go in for a late lunch (to get the cheaper rate) and stay straight through dinner for the variety of food; last day…gives me a piece of toast because my clothes seem to have shrunk since I arrived. First day people watching might be at the top of my list as entertainment, guessing where they live from their wardrobe has better odds then blackjack; last day the word “hermit” comes to my mind. If you haven’t been…let me be the first to tell you, small doses!

I look forward to my next trip to Vegas which will be in September to see my FAVORITE celebrity…CHER at Caesars Palace!

Unlike Vegas, she is superb at first…and everyday after that!


3 Responses

  1. I have watched all,of Cher,s career.I saw her,here in Nashville-On her “Farewell Tour”.And it was Great! But we drove 3 days,to get to Vegas.We has tickets for Oct.4th.My birthday was on the 6th.That was going to be my present.We get up to valet parking & they tell us Cher cancelled.We got our money back,,,,,,,,,,,but I was very disappointed.She cancelled 6 times,in one month.Has she gotten so jaded,,,,,,,,,to not care about the fans?I wish,I could write to her personally.Im still pissed.Shame on you,Cher!

  2. Mary, I’m quite sure Cher cares about her fans…I think she is really sick because now she does not have any shows planned until 2009. Don’t give up on her…I too was disappointed when my concert was cancelled but I look forward to seeing her next year!!

  3. I have faith that Cher is telling the truth and that she is suffereing from “Vegas Throat” which is what I believe they call it. The strain on her throat from singing that consistently intermixed with the constant dry air in Vegas and possibly Cher’s age, make for a rough situation for a performer.

    If she had cancelled one weekend, it might raise suspicion, but the consistent cancellations must mean there is a medical issue at hand as Cher says.

    We all want to enjoy Cher for years and years to come, so although so many people have been poorly effected, at least Cher is actively trying to better her health so she can continue to perform.

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