It’s only a name

I recently heard a story about a father nagging to his son and daughter-in-law for a grandson…yes, someone to carry on the name. He has other grandsons but on his daughter’s side so they will have a different last name…that is not good enough for him. I’m sure this happens a lot, not only wanting a “male” baby but just a grandchild in general. Honestly, if I never become a grandparent, I could care less. For some strange reason I want my children to be happy with whatever decision THEY make. Just because I wanted children does not necessarily mean they will too.

No matter what the reason you want your children to have children, whether it is to carry on a name (lets see, last name vs. a child that may not even be wanted or god forbid…a girl) or you just want to be able to brag to your friends about your grandkids…stop. There isn’t any reason good enough; it is none of your business.


I’ll get you my pretty

When I was little The Wizard of Oz was the epitome of all movies in my eyes. It was shown only once a year which made it that much more special and when that day arrived it was almost as good as Christmas. That whole day leading up to the movie I could hardly contain myself. Then when my kids were born I was excited to introduce them to the classic…the enthusiasm was not returned. WHY, I always asked myself, don’t they share my excitement…I just had to learn to get over it. I recently became part of my “manfriends” family and his daughter (12 years old) had never seen Dorothy in action, I thought “I have a second chance”!! It was on this past Sunday…we sat…we watched. At the end I asked her how she liked it…her reply was “Not that bad”. I give up; the journey down the yellow brick road will never be the same as it was 40 years ago.

Note: after the house thumped down in Munchkin land after the big twister the 12 year olds comment was “the pictures aren’t crooked”. Yep, times have changed.


In an earlier post I had written about needing a new word for “stepmom”…I found another word, “boyfriend”. I have been dating a man for 5+ years, I’m over 40 and we live together. When I refer to him as my “boyfriend” I feel like I’m a teenager. My boyfriend (I even don’t like typing it) was discussing this topic with 2 women at his job and the one woman actually got engaged so she could say “fiancé”…she also says she has no plans on marrying this man. So you see, I’m not the only one. I know the gay community uses the word partner, which sounds like your in business together or a western movie, my better half is just putting yourself down and my darling sounds like you’re Zsa Zsa Gabor. I went to my friendly thesaurus and these are their suggestions.

Synonyms beau, fellow, man, swain

 Related Words admirer, crush, steady; gallant, suitor, wooer; beloved, darling, dear, favorite, flame, honey, love, lover, sweet, sweetheart, valentine; date, escort; groom, husband; fiancé, intended

Now, pretend you are at a party…

”let me introduce you to my ____________.”

 (fill in the blank with the word you like most or let me know of a better word).

I don’t like any of them.


Text Addicts


Pretty soon there will be a new question asked when applying for medical insurance, after “do you smoke”…”do you text”. Seems like emergency rooms have daily visitors from texting according to James Adams, Northwestern’s chairman of emergency medicine. He says texters are more prone to facial injuries; they just don’t pay attention to where they are going. One woman says she walks with her hand out as to not bump into anything. One texter gives the advice of walking with your chin at a 45 degree angle. In London they are actually padding lampposts to cut down on injuries! Just sit for a moment, close your eyes and envision the streets of NY, the hustle and bustle of it. Then picture everyone walking, some with their hand out in front of them, some are bumping into cabs, lampposts & falling down stairs from not looking, some have the 45 degree angle going or some are talking out loud into the air with their Bluetooth. I see that as quite comical but again, nothing looks odd on the streets of NY.

FYI…I went away this weekend and my cell phone died early Saturday morning and I didn’t have my charger. I SURVIVED…yes you phone addicts, it is possible. I bet more people would opt for eating live spiders then going without their cell phones.

Does anyone remember this?

This is only a test

Yesterday I sent someone an email at work with the word “lesbian” in it: the recipient never received it. Instead he got an email from the postmaster stating-

Reason: content policy violation
    Action: quarantine

I was surprised; it was a very innocent sentence. Then I was curious so we did a little test. I sent the same email three separate times exchanging the word lesbian, once using “homosexual”, second using “heterosexual” and third using “gay” just to see what would happen. (remember, my nickname is curious Georgina). Well, to my surprise, all three emails were accepted.

 So I ask myself, what is wrong with the word “lesbian”, it’s in the Merriam Webster dictionary? Any I.T people out there for the answer?

No, it’s not earth shattering news, just one more thing that makes me go…hmmmmmmmmm?


Usually when someone has a different opinion then me it’s no big deal, everyone varies on their thoughts. But then there are times when everyone seems to like something and I start second guessing myself…what did I miss? This happened when I saw The Dark Knight…everyone is raving about it saying how great it is. I (if you read my Review tab) gave it a C+. I know I critique things more then the average person but I still think I might have blinked and missed a very important part? My argument: it was too violent, I’m not anti violence but not for a Batman movie…it’s from the comics! I want the “Kapow” and Bat Cave! There was one point I actually covered my eyes anticipating a violent act from the Joker (by the way Heath was fantastic). I like the way Spiderman has been done, they better not get dark! There are enough violent movies out there, can we please keep the comic book hero movies fun, action packed with a suspenseful storyline!

Is there anyone else out there that just thought it was just OK?

(oh, and by the way, not cool to put a gun to a little kids head in this movie)