Move over Disneyland…

Denmark is the happiest place on earth-

Mr White, who is an analytic social psychologist, said: “When people are asked if they are happy with their lives, people in countries with good healthcare, a higher GDP [gross domestic product] per capita, and access to education were much more likely to report being happy.”


Well that answers my question…our healthcare is ridiculous! I worked for a doctor’s group a whopping 3 months (NEVER AGAIN) and I overheard one of the doctors say they didn’t want to spend too much time with a particular patient because they were an “HMO” as opposed to a “PPO”. Maybe in Denmark they just treat you as patients…what a concept! I guess for now I will have to settle for #23


1st – Denmark

2nd – Switzerland

3rd – Austria

4th – Iceland

5th – The Bahamas

23rd – USA

41st – UK

90th – Japan

178th – Burundi




One Response

  1. I think, when people said they are happy on what kind of life they have now, they’re just content. Right?

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