I’ll be there for you…

Ok, you’re on a deserted island for the rest of your life and can only have ONE T.V show, what would it be? I would pick Friends, 10 years worth of a great comedy & cast would keep me entertained and now, (let’s all keep our fingers crossed)a possible movie!! Thanks to the success of Sex and the City, Friends may follow suit. Seeing “PIVOT” on the big screen, what more could you ask for! I would have to think Friends would do better at the box office then Sex and the City, I know plenty of men who would have to concur. We all have some “friends” in us; I am a clean freak, I love clothes and I have a little hippie in me…that all three females! How many times does something happen in life and you can always refer back to a Friends episode…I’m ready for more.

2nd runners up for my deserted island choice: Roseanne or Seinfeld…what would you choose?

7 Responses

  1. Baywatch.

  2. I would prefer a movie not be made. I love Friends like no one else. Like you, I watch episodes time and time again. Everyday, a rerun is on and I’ll catch it. However, sometimes things that are that good are best left as is and the image of them all leaving the apartment should be the lasting image.

    Making a movie will just overdo it. I say leave it be and enjoy the reruns!

  3. If I live to be 98 and watch Seinfeld 3 times a day…..I will never get enough

  4. I wasn’t thrilled with the last episode of Friends so I think they need better closure. Seinfeld’s last episode was a huge disappointment. In my opinion, the best last episode of any show was Bob Newhart (when he owned the Inn)…classic!!

  5. I might just have to say Sex and the City.

  6. If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only have one TV show I would pick Gilligan’s Island. Think of all the survival tips you would pick up! How to build a hut, how to find food, how to make a radio out of a coconut! You would also learn not to repeat Gilligan’s silly mistakes and thus boost your self esteem. For instance, if a weather satellite were to crash land on the island you would know not to remove the lens.

    The Professor would provide scientific insight; the Skipper would give you navigation tips. Of course Thurston & “Lovey” wouldn’t have anything to contribute as they were always the freeloaders. Ginger and Mary Ann would keep you sane with their common sense approach to everyday problems.

  7. PS

    Of course, during Lent you wouldn’t be able to watch Gilligan’s Island.

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