Green Greetings

I have stopped all bank statements being mailed, I pay all my bills on line but there is one mail I may have a hard time stopping to keep green…birthday cards. I know, I know there are E cards, I do not like them (well, at least not for birthdays); they seem like the lazy person’s card.  I don’t know why I’m so into cards, I will go to a couple of stores looking for the perfect card for someone because I do care enough to send the very best, and no, I do not work for Hallmark. Are cards a “woman” thing, I would have to guess most men don’t really care. There is one thing that annoys me with cards…the prices. What warrants $5.00 for a card; is this card written by a top selling author or drawn by a world renowned artist…I hunt for the $2.00 thought.


How about this…you go to the card store, pick out the card you like, call the person and READ it to them over the phone and then put the card back. I would totally go for that, it’s the perfect solution… its green, personal &free (well, it will take a few minutes from your plan).

Note: Wait until you are at the grocery store shopping as not to waste gas.

4 Responses

  1. Consider the environmental impact of making the cards, mailing the cards, and dispose of the cards. I prefer electronic, text, email, or voicemail. I guess if cards must be purchased, 100% recycled paper with 100% post-consumer content is best.

    However, if greeting cards were to become extinct, I would surely miss the circulated office birthday card from the twenty strangers who write “Happy Birthday Rusty”. It does make me feel all warm inside.

  2. Why stop there? No more wrapping paper or gift bags!

    Well, that is not too fun.

  3. I totally agree…wrapping paper is a waste…get creative and use newspaper. At least gift bags you can reuse again and again.

  4. It is way more exciting to walk out to my mailbox and see the cards addressed to me, open them up one at a time and read the sentiment and then desplay them on my mantel. Sitting at my desk and opening up an e card is just a let down.. unless it is sent by someone who normally wouldn’t send a card. I think most people are overloaded with bills and junk coming in the mail that a personalized greeting card is a delight.

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