Lauren, Katherine, Lana too…

I watched the movie “Tommy” this weekend and was reminded what a classic beauty Ann Margret is. Looking at her made me think of woman today and I just can’t pinpoint what made the older movie stars seem so much more glamorous then today. It makes me think that the more natural look is “sexier” then all the plastic surgery of today. And also, I don’t think they had Photoshop in the 60’s so Marilyn really looked the way you saw her.

 I’m sure most would disagree with me but I think woman have lost that glamour of old Hollywood.



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  1. Hollywood has certainly lost its sense of glamor. I could be for various reasons including movie studios losing control over their stars and therefore their image in the public eye. The growth of the media and its incessant need for news may pry to create problems for the stars reducing the glamor of former stars.

    I think there are a rare few of stars that I may consider putting into a “glamorous” role. I think Angelina Jolie has begun creating a dignified and respected position for herself. I always found Julia Roberts to be more of a classy figure, as well.

    Either way, I do believe even these figures lack that sense of old Hollywood. In the end, I think the romanticized feelings that old Hollywood carries even transcends to Americans in general. I envision the people of same time period to be more dignified and glamorous than they are now.


    I’ve seen Tommy at the movies in 74 with one of my first girfriends. Even real girls have been sexier these days.

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