Mamma Mia opens in theaters this week; I have a problem with the storyline. I recently saw the production in Vegas and was disappointed…the bride to be wants to find the father she never knew so he can walk her down the aisle at her wedding. First, I never understood that whole tradition of a father giving his daughter away; a man giving a woman to another man, sounds degrading. Second, if you MUST have someone give you away why can’t it be both of your parents. Why wouldn’t the bride in Mamma Mia want her mom, the woman who raised her all those years, to walk her down the aisle rather then her dad, a man she never knew? Is it just because of this silly tradition that was started back in the Flintstone age. I know, I can see some of my reader’s eyes rolling but all these little things add up to women never being totally equal.

My solution: At a wedding have the bride walk in from one side, the groom walk in from the other side, they meet in the middle and then proceed down the aisle together…as equals.


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  1. There are some cultures today that do not consider their daughters to be apart of the family. Most are put in an arranged marriage where the father makes some good money, others are sold into slavery (sex slaves, more specifically) where the father makes even more money, and this is all OK because she is not even a part of the family.

    Clearly in western countries it is not THAT bad but the whole idea is the same, women are objects to be owned by the male. You are right to say it is degrading, because it is.

    And I think your solution makes sense, seems like the best idea.

  2. I agree! This tradition stems from tradition where the woman was passed from father to husband, as a piece of property with dowry. The woman was the connection used between to families, two pieces of wealth, two kings or two countries. It also looks at the woman as incapable of taking care of herself, in that, she has to be physically handed off from one male to another. It is simply absurd.

    I am shocked that women still comply with this traditional standard. It is demeaning and stems back to a horrible tradition that lacked self determination and instead supported male entitlement.

    In support of our modern age and modern ideas of equality and marriage, I agree that the two engaged partners ( in California, at least, where marriage is between two people of any sex) should walk from separate doors, meet in the middle and come down together.

  3. I say just elope!!!

  4. I’m glad so far my readers agree…we must get rid of this tradition. Somtimes “tradition” is a good thing like having the same breakfast every Christmas morning but in this case it’s just plain ridiculous! Cmon woman of this century, be your own person and don’t let a man give you away. You are not anyone’s property, let your parents just attend your wedding and support your decision. Weddings should be about two people (does not matter what sex each person is) joining hands and vowing to live a life together…as equals. Plain and simple…so let it be written…so let it be done! (that is a line from The Ten Commandments)!!!

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