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I read an article in the paper yesterday about microblogging which means: short and frequent updates about what you are doing the minute you are doing it. For example, “out for coffee” or “getting a haircut”. Who the hell cares and why do you want people to know what you are doing all the time; I’m really baffled with this fad.

I was also introduced to Twitter, an actual service to assist you with your microblogging, helping you to answer that one important question: What are you doing? (your answer must be less then 140 characters). fyi – tweet is and update on twitter…twokay.

I always hear how society today is so busy, well that’s the excuse you hear when someone doesn’t exercise, spend time with their mate or child, read, clean the house, etc. But I’m so happy they found that precious time to do a really important thing in life, telling others they are now at the supermarket. 


3 Responses

  1. I twitter, it is pretty cool, but not many friends have it yet. I do know someone who has a lot of friends on twitter so he will post something saying “At the so and so bar” and all of his twitter friends read it on the phones and then meet himat the bar. Kind of a neat thing.

    Twitter is one of those things that make no sense until you do it. Then it still makes no sense but it becomes addicting.

  2. What’s the difference between twittering and texting?? I can see if it is IMPORTANT for someone to know where you are but to just randomly send your location out is odd…I’m glad you can admit it does not make sense even though you do it.

  3. Twitter has a lot of powerful application that we will have to see how it plays out. KPBS used it during San Diego Ceder fire it was recently used by SB Independent for Santa Barbara Gap fire.
    I fallow obscure news items like cycling, iphone, politics etc… I also use it on my site to drive news to peoples cell phones…that is it’s power…but like texting it has it’s annoying side

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