Prius Parking?

Now, next to the handicap parking they have “hybrid parking”…in this particular lot 2 stalls were designated for the green cars. As much as I believe people have to stop buying SUV’s and change their ways I was quite annoyed with these primo hybrid spaces. I would love to own a hybrid, but at this particular time I cannot afford one, so why should I be treated like a second class citizen because of the economy. They are not inexpensive cars and not only that; there is a long waiting list.

 As always, for me, it’s the principle of the matter…I really don’t like to park near the entrance (I like to park further and get that added exercise). But I always want to know that I have the same rights as others.

4 Responses

  1. Lame! I bring my canvass bags to the grocery store, do I get my own checkout lane?

    Be an environmental conservative to respect the Earth, not for the parking space or carpool lane.

  2. I’m becoming more and more bothered by the designated parking issue. Originally, these were wheelchair only spaces. It made perfect sense since the side-entry wheelchair lift required the extra parking space width that these spaces provide. You also needed a special license plate on your car.

    Now they issue rear view mirror plackards to almost anybody that wants one. This gives you a close space to the mall so that you don’t need to walk too far to the front door. So maybe you save 50 yards of outside walking, yet the average mall shopper probably walks about a 1/2 mile once they get inside!

    There is just way too much discretion here – they should consider wheelchair only spaces again.

    Don’t get me started on the mothers with small children spaces.

  3. These are incentives to buy a hybrid for people can afford them. I don’t think its necessarily an elitist idea. People who bought hybrids also received tax refunds and carpool lane access. With this same logic, those principles are wrong, as well. I think any incentive to get more people considering a hybrid are good. Additionally, the increase in demand will force manufacturers, particularly the dying American ones to step it up and step it up fast.

    I do like the idea of a special lane at the supermarket for canvas bags… but then again, I live in San Francisco, so that line wouldn’t do much for me with all the tree huggers out here!

  4. people (and governments) change when they feel the heat.

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