Usually when someone has a different opinion then me it’s no big deal, everyone varies on their thoughts. But then there are times when everyone seems to like something and I start second guessing myself…what did I miss? This happened when I saw The Dark Knight…everyone is raving about it saying how great it is. I (if you read my Review tab) gave it a C+. I know I critique things more then the average person but I still think I might have blinked and missed a very important part? My argument: it was too violent, I’m not anti violence but not for a Batman movie…it’s from the comics! I want the “Kapow” and Bat Cave! There was one point I actually covered my eyes anticipating a violent act from the Joker (by the way Heath was fantastic). I like the way Spiderman has been done, they better not get dark! There are enough violent movies out there, can we please keep the comic book hero movies fun, action packed with a suspenseful storyline!

Is there anyone else out there that just thought it was just OK?

(oh, and by the way, not cool to put a gun to a little kids head in this movie)


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  1. That’s funny! The reason I liked it so much was the fact that it wasnt like any other comic book movie. I think by making it darker they added a more realistic and believable feel to the movie. I think by giving the movie that dark perspective it allowed Heath Ledger to create one of the most terrifying villians I’ve ever seen! My only gripe with the movie was the fact that it was a little on the long side.

  2. I liked it dark and hold the BOWS

  3. I didn’t like this movie as much as everyone else either. Too many gadgets, and the only character with depth was the Joker. I though Aaron Eckhart was terrible. Maggie gets a pass since she’s so damn cute (way better that Katie Holmes!). Overall I give it a 7.5 out of 10. I consider it a good movie, it just didn’t meet my expectations. I will say though that I though the re-creation of the Prisoner’s Dilemma with the ferry boats was awesome.

  4. Actually, the TV show with the Kapows and stuff is actually looked down upon as not being very serious and making a mockery out of Batman. The movie stays more true to the comic. Comics are A LOT more serious than the non-comic book reader thinks.

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