This is only a test

Yesterday I sent someone an email at work with the word “lesbian” in it: the recipient never received it. Instead he got an email from the postmaster stating-

Reason: content policy violation
    Action: quarantine

I was surprised; it was a very innocent sentence. Then I was curious so we did a little test. I sent the same email three separate times exchanging the word lesbian, once using “homosexual”, second using “heterosexual” and third using “gay” just to see what would happen. (remember, my nickname is curious Georgina). Well, to my surprise, all three emails were accepted.

 So I ask myself, what is wrong with the word “lesbian”, it’s in the Merriam Webster dictionary? Any I.T people out there for the answer?

No, it’s not earth shattering news, just one more thing that makes me go…hmmmmmmmmm?

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