I’ll get you my pretty

When I was little The Wizard of Oz was the epitome of all movies in my eyes. It was shown only once a year which made it that much more special and when that day arrived it was almost as good as Christmas. That whole day leading up to the movie I could hardly contain myself. Then when my kids were born I was excited to introduce them to the classic…the enthusiasm was not returned. WHY, I always asked myself, don’t they share my excitement…I just had to learn to get over it. I recently became part of my “manfriends” family and his daughter (12 years old) had never seen Dorothy in action, I thought “I have a second chance”!! It was on this past Sunday…we sat…we watched. At the end I asked her how she liked it…her reply was “Not that bad”. I give up; the journey down the yellow brick road will never be the same as it was 40 years ago.

Note: after the house thumped down in Munchkin land after the big twister the 12 year olds comment was “the pictures aren’t crooked”. Yep, times have changed.


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  1. First off, I love the commentary about the “pictures not being crooked.” That is certainly one keen cinematic eye. I simply remember this movie being a tad longer than it should, which is a dilemma in modern cinema, as well.

    The fact that we have so many more movies available now, both brand new and from a vast catalog of cinema dating back to its advent in early 20th century, means the selection is huge. Each piece loses a bit of value for children now.

    Lastly, with I think the value of this film in particular is lost because modern generations don’t understand the type of effort that went into its production. It was a huge undertaking and a major step for film. These days this type of film could be done on a computer.

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  4. I had the exact same feeling you did growing up with the Wizard of Oz, and cried every single year at the same spot in the film – when Auntie Em appears in the crystal ball. Growing up with black and white films, I remember it was downright magical when the film turned to color. There was nothing else like it. Our whole neighborhood gathered around their tiny little tvs to watch every year.

    This year, I took my Wizard memories to a new place when I went to see Wicked on stage. Completely awesome – and I’ll bet your kids would like it too!

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