It’s only a name

I recently heard a story about a father nagging to his son and daughter-in-law for a grandson…yes, someone to carry on the name. He has other grandsons but on his daughter’s side so they will have a different last name…that is not good enough for him. I’m sure this happens a lot, not only wanting a “male” baby but just a grandchild in general. Honestly, if I never become a grandparent, I could care less. For some strange reason I want my children to be happy with whatever decision THEY make. Just because I wanted children does not necessarily mean they will too.

No matter what the reason you want your children to have children, whether it is to carry on a name (lets see, last name vs. a child that may not even be wanted or god forbid…a girl) or you just want to be able to brag to your friends about your grandkids…stop. There isn’t any reason good enough; it is none of your business.


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