Eight, Eight, Eight

Is anyone else ready for the Olympics to end…yes, I know they didn’t even start yet. The day is 08/08/08, that is the most exciting part to me. It seems as though I have been hearing about it for the past 6 months, and now all my TV viewing will be screwed up. Everyone that knows me is aware that I am not a sports fan; sports are fine it’s the emphasis that is put on them that bothers me. I was really turned off when my younger son was into baseball starting at age 6 and I saw the politics involved, utterly disgusting. A few years later he quit stating that is just wasn’t fun anymore. The parents were the main problem, very saddening.

But, in honor of the Olympics, I will contribute something to my readers that I do enjoy about them…bloopers!


4 Responses

  1. Leave it to the Daily Dalia to show us the undignified side of sports…..

    All those people are LOSERS whose parents didn’t push them hard enough when they were 7 years old.

  2. I enjoy the Olympics. My favorite part is the personal narratives. I look forward to watching Chris Collingsworth report the athlete’s stories. A lifetime of dedication, sacrafice, and persistence is admirable to me. Growing up, I felt a huge sense of patriotism during the Olympics. Unfortunately, don’t think that feeling is shared by many people today.

    I say, Go USA! China may be able to produce less expensive, lead-poisoned toys than us, but we can beat you in basketball!

  3. I love the lympics as my daughter calls them…I also think it’s important for Americans to see what the China Century will mean for the world..pollution, consumption and more cars on a MACRO scale

  4. I think these Olympics is the symbolic shift of power from Western nations to Eastern influence. On one front, it has shown us how quickly China can mobilize to dramatically change Beijing for the event, which could translate to mobilizing military strength. Alternatively, and hopefully, the sporting event will open up China to positive Western influences of democracy, freedom of expression, etc. I cerntainly hope its not the start of the China Century, but looks likely.

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