What goes around…comes around

I know 2 people that are very happy…my children, with the news that the Wal Mart Era is drawing to a close. Rival retailers have lured Americans away from Wal-Mart’s low-price promise by offering greater convenience, more selection, higher quality or better service.

Wal Mart has been in trouble in the past for low wages & sex discrimination, hell; I had that at my last job too. It is definitely wrong and people should fight for their rights but unfortunately it’s at many companies. I’m not Wal Mart fan at all, I have shopped their a few times out of desperation and it is an unpleasant experience. The one thing I do like about Wal Mart is they hire older and handicapped people and they seem so happy to be there. You can see in their eyes that they enjoy having a purpose in life and I don’t see many other companies doing that.

So in conclusion maybe Wal Mart’s bad karma is coming back to haunt them…Ha Ha. But on the other hand, where are all the senior citizens going to go for their smiles…all the Target employees are under 20.

3 Responses

  1. The classic Wal Mart Good-Bad Debate:

    For those who don’t need a job, can pay more for goods, have options, probably think the store is big and ugly = Wal Mart Bad.

    For those in areas where there are not a lot of options, need goods as inexpensive as possible, need that $9 an hour job = Wal Mart Good.

    I personally do not care to shop there, but I have. Boutique stores have their appeal and place. Can they both coexist? I would hate to see over 1 million Americans lose their jobs. But it is a competitive free market, may those who serve best win.

  2. Who else is going to exploit cheap labor, i mean hire the old and handicapped? Where else are people go to buy cheap things that break and then buy again and then lose money in the long run for not buying something of higher quality the first time!? And who else is going to support the growing Chinese economy with more factories over seas!

    Damn, Wal-Mart must stay!

  3. I like Wal Mart…but the environmental impact on China and US is devastating. If you need a Charger shirt or some souvenirs when your on vacation and not be over charged it can be a good option….But Wal Mart needs to stay out of politics and take care it’s employees.

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