For Sale


Just hot on the market…CHER’s house. Can you imagine living in Cher’s house…well you probably can because you’re not a huge fan like myself! Cher, if you read the Daily Dalia or if anyone personally knows her, maybe we can do some kind of trade…everything I own for your house. Actually it would be cool enough just to tour it. I wonder how realtors keep wacko’s like me out?? Does anyone have 45 million to lend me…a 100 year mortage at 1% interest. Whoever does end up buying it, can I come to your house warming party? I’ll take anything.


3 Responses

  1. Your mortgage payment for her $45 million house at a 1% interest rate over a 100 year period would be $59,339 – A MONTH. no problem, i’ll lend you the money….

  2. I’ll go in on the house with you and we can divide it into wings. Looks like there is plenty of room!

  3. Needs to be painted badly.

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