Woman’s Intuition

Guess not John

I KNEW IT!! From day one I did not trust Edwards (not that I trust any politician) but there was something about him that my gut was saying “NO”. Honestly I could care less about his affair but I feel for his wife. The thing that amazes me was he went into the presidential race already with an affair…wouldn’t you think he would know it would come out. Yes, I know Clinton had an affair while in office and that was stupid too. Wouldn’t you love to know how many presidents have had affairs…did George cheat on Martha? I believe there have been 43 presidents so far…my guess would be 40%, about 17.

The thing that makes me most happy is now I know for sure that Obama will not consider him for VP.


One Response

  1. Actually there is only 42 presidents so that changes your math completely!

    But seriously, when I also first heard of the affair the first thing I did think of was that he now has no chance of becoming the VP candidate which made me very happy as well. JFK is rumored to have many affairs though, so maybe it is not so much of a bad thing.

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